1960 PC Users Group

Houston, TX

    A Guide for SIG Leaders

In addition to the main duty of actually preparing and putting on the SIG meeting, the leader must:

Well before the meeting night –

  • Send a "blurb" about the SIG (subject matter, date, time, place, etc., and any pep talk you can come up with) to BeeAnn for inclusion in PC News. Standard SIG times are 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  If at all possible these blurbs should contain information regarding subject matter, speakers, and/or demonstrations to encourage members and prospective member to attend.  Deadlines are an important factor here.  Items must be submitted at or shortly after the time of one month's BOD meeting in order to announce the SIG one month later. E.G., the blurb for March SIG must be submitted during the week of the BOD meeting in late February .

  • Send a blurb (possibly the same one as above) to Bob for posting on the club Web site. This should ideally be done at the same time as above or a little later.

  • Linda generally sends an e-mail reminder to all club members a couple of days before the SIG meetings. Her source of info is what you have put on the Web site. If you want to add something to that (or if you have failed to post something there) be sure to e-mail her a day or so before that.

Before the meeting on meeting night – 

  • Open up the SIG meeting room about a half hour ahead of time, earlier if necessary.

  • Set up the room for the program (tables, chairs, screen, etc.). Do not over-extend screen!

  • Set up the computer and load any programs or data as necessary.

  • Provide a sign-in sheet and induce the attendees to use it. Greet all of the attendees if possible.

  • Always have Membership Applications at every SIG and General Meeting

During the meeting –

•     Present the program. Give handouts if appropriate. Consider taking a short break midway through the session. Encourage questions, comments and other forms of member participation.

•     Avoid going beyond 9:00 PM with your meeting. Members expect to leave by then and CCCC wants us out very soon thereafter - the janitor may be waiting for us to leave.

After the meeting --

•     Restore the meeting room to its normal condition. CCCC does not require that chairs and tables be returned to any particular order. Just don’t leave a mess. Roll up our screen.

•     Turn off the power switch on the projector and wait until the light turns amber from flashing green before killing the power to it. This is a cool-down with blower on. Bulb costs a few hundred $$$.

•     Return the club's equipment to the storage cabinet and make sure the cabinet, closet, and hallway doors are all locked and the lights are turned out in the closet and meeting room

•     Report shortly after each meeting, via e-mail to Linda the number of people attending.


Ask me for a set of keys if you don’t have them. Please feel free to ask for help and/or clarification on anything involved with your duties. I hope you get as much satisfaction from leading a SIG as I have.

Posted  March 2008

Gary Toll, VP SIGs